2.2L/2.5L Solid Front Motor Mount
$50 plus core for most applications
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What do you mean by "solid"?

A1) These mounts are welded steel, no elatomeric material.


Q2) Will that make my car vibrate?

A2) Yes, a solid motor mount will create a direct vibration path from the engine to the uni-body, however, your engine has 2 or 3 additional mounts to help damp these vibrations.


Q3) Why do people use solid motor mounts then?

A3) Solid motor mounts help get the engine's power to your tires faster, instead of using up valuable energy tossing your engine around.


Q4) How are these mounts made "solid"?

A4) The OEM rubber insert is removed, and the steel spacer tube is TIG welded in place using 1/8" steel plate


Q5) What colors do they come in?

A5) Black or Gray Primer are the standard options, however specific needs can be met.


Q6) Can additional gussets be added?

A6) Yes, additional strengthening gussets can be added, to our specification, or to your specific request, for a nominal charge.


The mount pictured has been freshly blasted to remove weld slag. Since this picture was taken, it was primered, painted black, and installed in BadAss Performance Project CSX Clone.
If you have additional questions, or would like to get one of these performance motor mounts, please e-mail JT

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