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TURBONETICS TURBOCHARGERS: We offer a complete line of Turbonetics turbochargers spec'ed out for your exact need. Stock replacement up to 1000HP units available. All units VSR Balanced to ensure quality operation. 1 year warranty on all turbo's (VOID if improperly used).

SPEARCO INTERCOOLERS: Turbocharged / Supercharged performance is significantly improved with an intercooler matched to your application. Spearco intercoolers simply outflow their competition.
MAGNECOR IGNITION WIRES: The last set of ignition wires you'll need to buy. KV Racing 8.5mm and 10mm wires available for Turbo Dodge, Mustang, and other applications.
COMETIC GASKETS: For the best sealing you can get without O-Rings.
BOGART RACING WHEELS: These are the lightest Aluminum wheels we'd trust under our race cars. All styles and available. Correct backspacing for FWD Turbo Dodge applications available too.
CLUTCHNET CLUTCHES : is the online outlet for ClutchNet Manufacturing Co., the clutch manufacturer holder of many patents and technologies.
ClutchNet manufactures Clutches for pretty much any car regardless of brand, model or year.
FLUIDYNE ALUMINUM RADIATORS: Whether you're making big horsepower or just interested in drivetrain longevity, Fluidyne radiators will keep your engine cool. BadAss Performance Spec Dodge Daytona units available.
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Solid Motor Mount 2.2L/2.5L front mount $50 (Plus Core)

Manual Boost Controller "Grainger Valve" $35 each
Turbo II Intercooler hard pipe Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum available, with or without blow off valve $e-mail for your application
Turbo I & II Cold Air Kits Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum Available - your filter preference $e-mail for your application
2.2L/2.5L Turbo - Equal Length Tubular Header Testing began in 2003 to be completed in 2004. Testing completed! More info soon! $TBD



Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Hoods

G-body first, then P-body, then L?

Power Bulge then Cowl Induction


Badass Performance Original Ford Products Contact Tom:
  Focus Front Strut Tower Brace $e-mail
  Focus Rear Strut Tower Brace $e-mail
  Focus High Flow Air-Filter Kit $e-mail
  Mustang Tubular Cross Member (COMING SOON)
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