JT's 1987 Shelby Z

2.4L/A555 Mounts!

  • In order to mount the 2.4L engine to the A555 in the Z with enough firewall clearance,
  • custom mounts were fabricated
    Passenger Side Mount
The engine came with a passenger side mount from Ohio Rob Pachner which was modeled after the one he used to mount the 2.4L in his '83 Charger. As you see in the pics below it fit quite well in the G-body, however was a little short for the wider engine compartment.

...and after rotating the motor forward the mount did not exactly line up
Billet aluminum mount to the rescue!
Front Mount
The solid front mount that was in the Z bolted to the 2.2L was not going to be able to connect to the 2.4L

A 2.0L/2.4L mount out of a Neon would bolt to the 2.4L but need some help to get to the core support.

After some minor band-sawing and tack welding, the two mounts became one. Then came the gussets to strengthen it. Not the prettiest but it will get the car running and get re-made when I have time... after it is running.

Trans Mount

The trans mount had to be modifed to rotate the motor. This was done before the custom passenger side mount was made.


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