JT's 1987 CSX #751 Clone Project

Step 1: T1 - T2 Engine Swap

This page shows the process of removing a bad '87 turbo I (log intake) motor, and installing a good used Shelby Lancer engine.

Starting with an '87 Turbo I adds a level of complication in the conversion to Turbo II specs. To ease the conversion, a used '87 CSX engine wiring harness was purchased. Both this harness, and the stock T1 harness were combined to make one good harness, since both had damaged parts.

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Ready for swap
T1 engine
T1 engine
Head off
Head off
Engine removed
Engine removed
Engine out
Un Wired
Crusty flywheel
Swing it in
Find home
Fuel System
Vacuum installed
Cleaned up


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