JT's 1987 CSX #751 Clone Project

Step 6: Clutch Swap

The Clone was put together with a used Turbo I clutch, which worked ok until it got soaked with oil when the turbo oil supply line leaked on it. Conveniently at about the same time, I was aproached by our friends at MM Racing to use the Clone to test a prototype Turbo Dodge pressure plate from ACT. I ordered a Clutchnet 4-puck disk to go with it. Below are some pictures of the swap.

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New Parts
Pressure plate
Sturdy looking
Nice finish
Clutchnet disk
Disk & p-plate
Cut flywheel
Release bearing
Wire mounts
Rear main
Flywheel tool
A-520 out
Old clutch
Old clutch
Hazed flywheel
Flywheel out
Old clutch out
Hazed p-plate
Worn disk
Old rear main
Old Rel.Bearing
New main in
Flywheel in
Flywheel tight
New TOB in
New TOB in
Clutch in
From afar
Close up


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