SDAC-Chicagoland's Project New Yorker

Is this the world's quickest FWD New Yorker?
Best ET: 12.64 @ 105.99mph
Best 1/4 mle MPH: 107.30mph ---- Best 60': 1.793
...Its the fastest that we've seen so far!

This page is dedicated to SDAC-Chicago's Project car. It may not be much to look at, but then again, we've got nothing into it! When I say nothing, I mean zippo, zilch, notadamnthing! The car was donated to the club by our friend Tom King who's parents bought it new. After 15 faithful years and 145,000 miles as a family truckster and getting Tom through High School, it was on its way to the salvage yard... Well, that obviously didn't happen, and this page pics up the story from when we got it in August of 2001.

Thanks to all of the members of TEAM SDAC-Chicagoland who have contributed time, energy, parts, storage, transportation, etc to make it all happen! Special thanks noted below where appropriate

Check out the SDAC-CL New Yorker in the

February 2003 issue of MOPAR ACTION!!!

Mopar Action Article and 3 cyl Burnout Pics

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