Valve Cover Baffle 101

The 2.2L/2.5L Turbo valvecover/PVC baffle is only RTV'ed around it's perimeter from the factory. The following is instruction on how to properly attach the baffle to reduce oil in your air-box.
Start this project by removing and cleaning your valvecover
Remove the 2 -10mm hex bolts that retain the baffle
Remove all old RTV and clean the Baffle mounting area
Remove RTV and clean Baffle - Note the lack of RTV on the inside fins
Apply RTV to the perimeter and fins of the Baffle that contact the valvecover
CAUTION! - DO NOT RTV over the little oil drainback divots in on the perimeter
Once Cleaned and RTV'ed, you're ready for installation
Install the Baffle trying to set it down straight, as to not get RTV everywhere
Let RTV Vulcanize for recommended time on tube