Block Painting Basics

Ever buy an engine that looks great, but the color just doesnt work well with the color of your car? Everyone loves HEMI Orange, but maybe not in a red car?

Step 1: Disassemble auxillary components and mask/plug all important holes

Step 2: wire brush, scrape and scrub all paint, dirt, etc off of block

Step 3: Use brake cleaner and paper towels to remove ALL grease, oil, dust, etc

Step 4: Re-mask off all suraces, holes, etc that you dont want painted, roll up maskking tape and stick in threaded holes you plan to use to limit paint on the threads

Step 5: Apply high temp engine primer (I used Dupli-Color) in 2 or 3 light coats and then let harden for at least a day

Step 6: Apply high temp engine paint (I used Dupli-Color) in 2 light then 1 medium/heavy coat ( try not to get any runs!) and then let harden for a couple days

Step 7: After the paint is hard, carefuly remove all masking, use a thread tap to clean any threaded holes you need to use, and re-assemble and seal all of your auxilary components